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Panic! A Shepherd's Story--$2.99 eBook!

Panic! A Shepherd's Story

"As the armies red and white come to meet on new Eden's playing field...

All that was once hope and all that was once home becomes too brilliant--an impossibility.

At the Cold War's bitter, heightened pulse a suggestion came into lucrative popularity, an idea willing to preserve and protect the sanctity of what was American ideal, American in race.

Should the westernmost god forbid evermore life and allow its freest people fall victim to nuclear purge and ending, everything would not be so lost or gone. For under the ground, blind to foreign eyes to spy and bomb, periodical youths were syndicated for measure, kept to sleep and await. For the just in case of it all.

Now is the time. The time to wake up.
When the world comes to a brightened end the question of what truly matters comes secondary to the needed survival against what in it went most wrong...

And lives on..."

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