~*Writer for change in the world to see, for the love in my heart to whom the art bleeds and for the life been given to me*~

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Below is a flowery, blunt, a little message I wrote when I was young. It might make me sound like I know what the hell I'm doing.

 "To define me as a somebody would be wrong in almost every way.
Never shall I be one of the bodies of some until the day to dawn in which I am privileged to feel the most passionately and profoundly whole as a human being. And not an awaiting day until then.
Who am I? God, how should I know?
No shame violates me when I confess in my faith of a creator, just as one may be confident to proclaim independence from one, but I believe in that my author forged me to write, and to do it in beauty.
So, for the time at present, past and future, I am simply among those to aspire to be whole, and to be heard in hopes that my endless screams will help define the who that I am."