~*Writer for change in the world to see, for the love in my heart to whom the art bleeds and for the life been given to me*~

Catalyst and Progeny

Published 2012 by Copyright by Rosca Marx
ISBN-13: 978-1478125556

"Out of numbed, desensitized, stricken minds - in search of killing all essential humanity - the 'elder blow' was born.

Rebellion against the drug is a bloody effort for two young sisters who have long sought liberation from its smokes and the dead bodies that result and pile.

The winters are cold, the bludgeons are red, and hunger is an unbelievable phenomenon as these girls go to the worst of lengths to sever their loyalties to those who listlessly created the most destructive high imaginable and at large on the modern illegal market.

And deep down inside a house of flies the human effort is made manifest to rot and blow. Buzz like a bug, and explode like a bomb.

Human horror and mistake is teased in House of Flies, the first of the Catalyst and Progeny novellas."

Suggested rating of 16 years and up

Published 2013 by Copyright by Rosca Marx
ISBN-13: 978-1490961675

"Running with a guilty heart that singles out some never ending fight of good and evil, a young sister dares to find the monster that shares her blood.

Three long months since it happened. A body count has begun and peaked. The monster roams, seeking the drug of old, tearing through anything and anyone to get it. Want is a thing of the past. There is only need.

And as the winter wanes the white drug becomes stronger. Ash takes over for snow, and death waits out the end to this horror story.

With the blood and kin of her past up against her, the young sister will be damned before she is dead.

Hope is raw and uncaring in this middling bizarro novella of the Catalyst and Progeny, the Laughing Maggot."

Suggested rating of 16 years and up